Psychic Medium Sabrina

                                                               Psychic Medium Sabrina

Hi Guys!   Let me tell you a little bit about myself,   I was born in Williamsport Pa. in 1973 to Robert Rogers and Kathleen Randall.   I discovered I was different from other children around the age of six.   My mother taught us that is was not okay to talk about our nightly visits from the other side. So growing up I never talked about how I knew things about people or how I could see and hear people who had passed on. Seeing things I couldn't understand, being scared of the dark, and making my sister sleep with me wasn't easy seems how I was the oldest so of course my sister would make fun, she still does bring it up lol.   My mother has the same gift as I do. She hides it, I don't so here I am letting the world know who I really am. I also have two sisters with the same gift as well.   My children also have my gift... I was nice enough to share it with them lol.   Growing up as a pyschic child was not easy in a world that don't believe you. So as an adult I decided God gave me this gift for a reason, and that reason is to help those who search for answers in their lives.   I am also the founder of Ghost Under Investigation (G.U.I.) a paranormal group. I do personal readings for people  at no charge! Yes,  I do not charge and I am as good as the famous psychics you pay hundreds of dollars for!   I do however ask for a donation for Ghost Under Investigation to help my teams learn the field, and buy new items needed for research  . To help the team to afford training trips and pay for gas on our investigations.   Everything G.U.I. does comes out of their own pockets, so this is my way of helping my team.   Most people ask me why I don't keep the money? My answer is "Jesus was psychic was he not?"  "would Jesus charge you to help you?"   I think we all know the answer to this! No, he would not! But he would ask you to give back to those who have helped you. This is what I believe and this is what I do.
       How does my gift work?  I can read the energies around you in this present time "the here and now." I also can see your aura that is around you. Auras change constantly as your moods change.  They appear in different colors mostly the shades of the rainbow as some colors can be lighter as others will be darker, they all have different meanings as well.  I also have guides who give me information about you, this how I know things I couldn't possibly know about you and your situation.   With this gift comes my ability to hear your love ones who has passed on these are spirits who has passed throught the light, and  I can physically see them,  they flash me pictures of what ever they want to show me.   This is my mediumship, I can see and hear earthbound ghost. Souls that are stuck in between worlds!    They approach me if they are not scared of me, yes guys they are afraid of us as well as us being afraid of them, not all of them but most are and don't like you bothering them.   We co exsist with ghost all the time you just don't know it!
  So this is me hope you enjoy my page!
  Right now I only do face to face readings.
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